My Collection of EA Games in my Origin Account...will definitely not be getting another EA Game again!!
My Collection of EA Games in my Origin Account…will definitely not be getting another EA Game again!!

Congratulations, Electronic Arts (EA), you have gained yourselves another hater. Not a hater who just jumps onto any bandwagon (in this case, the “Hate EA” bandwagon), but the hater who is given a very good reason to hate on something. You guys have given me good reason to hate your brand, and to boycott your products until you drastically change. I am not talking about turning over a new leaf, I am talking about turning over a new forest!!!

Let me start off by mentioning that EA does have a great lineup of titles – I think the fact EA has such great titles makes it hard for people to boycott the company. Maybe for me, it is a lot easier to boycott EA because I only am interested in racing games. I Hope more people will start boycotting EA – to hit the company where it really hurts, and that’s in their bank account.

As I have stated earlier, I do not just hate something because everyone is hating on it – I have noticed that the “Hate EA” train has gone for a while now; the fact they won The Consumerist’s Worst Company in America title, proves that its customers (well, a few of them if not most of them) are not happy with the way EA runs its show.

What has made me join the “Hate EA” bandwagon was what they did with this year’s Need For Speed (Need For Speed: Rivals). I have a few friends who warn me about buying anything from EA, but I didn’t have any reason not to buy something from EA that I like, because I had no reason not to buy from EA (I had not experienced the problems many EA haters have experienced). After playing Need For Speed: Rivals on PC, I had told myself I am NOT buying another EA game again. Firstly, Need For Speed Rivals has been capped to 30 frames per second….hello EA, this is 2013 and we still capping games? EA’s response to this is even more ridiculous….they say “Noted, we are listening and are targeting 60 FPS in the future.” So they still insist on capping the game, but increasing the maximum frame rate….WTF??!!

The next problem I had with this game was the poor performance, huge frame drops – I am not talking 30fps to 27fps drops, but 30fps down to 9 – 16fps. As a result of the massive frame drops, I have not played more than 4 Hours in the game. I tried reducing graphic settings to the lowest possible graphics….I even tried using the Nvidia Control Panel to customize 3D Settings of the game to be Performance-Orientated….I tried overclocking my graphics card with MSI Afterburner…ALL of these did not improve the overall performance of the game. I initially thought it was my laptop (which has an Intel Core i7 2630QM Processor and Nvidia GT 525M 1GB DDR3 Graphics card) that was experiencing these issues, but that is not the case – even gamers with your high performance systems are experiencing the same issues. Gamers have resulted in fixing the frame cap issue themselves….you know your game is really bad if customers have to fix it for you!! Another small problem is the game comes with NO steering wheel support…WHAT THE HELL??

Let us now move on to the so-called Support they offer – There is no real support system. Why do I say this?? Take trip down to the EA’s Answers Community and read through all the complaints from customers on this game. EA is aware of the issues in the game, but does not give any sort of real acknowledgement of these problems and mention if they are working on these problems. I am not fussy – I do understand that programming games is not an easy task, and not all bugs will be ironed out, but hearing bad news (An acknowledgement of these issues as well as an ETA on a fix for the game…or even just mentioning they working on a fix for the game) is better than hearing no news at all. I have spoken to the so-called “Game Advisors” – I really wish I had not wasted my time speaking to them. I got in touch with one of them (via their web chat feature)…I told them the game has really bad performance issues…and then they start suggesting steps that I have already tried or steps that have no effect in solving the problem. I even asked “Is there going to be a patch for this game”….their response for this is “I cannot confirm or deny that”. Like what the hell? Are we now playing the riddles game?? I even sent an E-Mail to the developers on their website with regard to all the issues in the game, they still have not replied. Good going, Ghost Games

I think it is also worth mentioning that EA has released a patch for Need For Speed: Rivals. This patch is about 70MB, and it is supposed to address some issues that players have experienced. Guess what, this patch didn’t do much – the patch just poured clean water over a greasy stain. I guess EA’s goal with this patch was to keep its customers calm, make it seem like they care but they don’t.

What I am expecting EA will do with Need For Speed Rivals, as they did with Need For Speed: Most Wanted 2012, is that they start releasing DLC’s for the game while the bugs and issues in the game have not been resolved – I am not talking small bugs…I am talking about big ones. After they release their DLC’s and make money from that, they abandon support for the game (this they have already done with Need For Speed: Most Wanted 2012).

EA, if you knew the game is not ready (which I am sure you did), why did you release it? The right thing would have been to delay the game until it is ready for public. I do not mind if a game is delayed, as long as it means this will lead to the game being more stable. And to Ghost Games, I am really disappointed in the studio…how could they have created such a broken game? Was the studio being forced to release the game despite it not being ready, by EA?

A few things are certain:

  • I will NOT be buying anymore EA games again, EVER!!
  • I will NOT be supporting anything being produced by Ghost Games
  • I have already told other people not to buy EA titles again
  • I might even sell / give away my Origin account – I want to be “EA Free” as soon as possible

I hope more gamers will boycott EA – stop buying their products so they can be hit where it hurts most –  in their bank account. Congratulations EA, you have just gained 1 More hater!!

EA Sucks....Big Time (Image Taken From )
EA Sucks….Big Time (Image Taken From )

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