I decided to download B2ST’s albums and have a listen at them. I must say that I am really impressed with all the albums I got of them. I noticed they have A LOT of dance tracks, of which are REALLY amazing! One track, that really stood out for me was “Freeze”. Oh my goodness! The moment I heard this track, I had it playing on repeat on my laptop, and my headphones for 2 hours or so and it was still as good as hearing it the first time.

After hearing this track, I was like “This is my dance / house track for 2013”. I even saw myself dancing and humming along to this track at times – I am sure family thought “Why the hell is this kid dancing??”. After hearing the song a couple of times, I decided to find lyrics to the song….I tried singing word for word, and well, that didn’t go as well as planned 🙁 I love this track, I made a promise that I will learn the lyrics and sing to the song!!

Link to Lyrics (color coded) : http://kpopcolorcodedlyrics.wordpress.com/beast-freeze/

Or, Link to the Lyrics (with English Translation): http://jklov.wordpress.com/2011/05/20/beast-freeze-romanization-lyric-with-translation/

B2ST (Beast) ROCKS!! Hope they keep up the epic work!!! Below is the track itself: