When Windows 8.1 Release Preview released, I decided to upgrade to it, from Windows 7. I must say, I was really impressed with the improvements they made in Windows 8.1 and decided I am definitely going to upgrade to the retail Windows 8.1 Pro when it releases. Avast! Free Antivirus was not compatible with the release preview of Windows 8.1 at the time, I sent an E-Mail to the Avast team and they said they were going to release a Windows 8.1 Compatible Avast! close to the release date.

I now upgraded from Windows 7 to the retail Windows 8.1 (I told it not to keep anything). I installed the latest Avast on CNET (I don’t know why I still download from those guys) and that Installed, but then all my Avast Shields were not working….then a compatibility message would pop up. I am guessing the issue has to do with Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 and not Avast? I am not too sure. I could not stick with Windows Defender, I really wanted to have Avast Installed, so I currently have Avast 2014 Beta Installed. You can download this version with these links:

I have installed the free version and it is working well with no problems, so far. You will be required to download the rest of avast! (the installer will download more files), so be sure you have enough data, if you are on a capped account! 🙂