WARNING: This post may contain spoilers to Naruto Chapter 656 – So if you have not read the chapter or are not prepared to be “ruined” do not read any further. Thank you :).

So this week, Naruto chapter 656 dropped – I kind of forgot about the manga now that I am relaxed now days doing pretty much nothing 🙁 Still got an anime backlog to clear :D. To be honest, I was not really as excited for this chapter – lately in Naruto it has just been flashbacks, too much talking and wrapping up each chapter by instilling hope into the Shinobi. That clearly wasn’t the case in this chapter!!

I’m not going to talk about what goes down in the chapter, but rather the ending of the chapter, which seriously got me by surprise! Like I was sipping on my coffee, listening to my music and then I see Madara took advantage of Obito’s bleak situation – using a black zetsu to control him (Obito) and make him cast Rinne Tensei!! The fact this happened clearly proved that Madara strengthened the fact he is still in his game and he is someone not to be taken lightly – it was like as if he was expecting the Allied Shinobi force and friends to take down poor Obito.

This is why I am a big fan of Uchiha Madara, because of his badass attitude, together with his schemes (He always has a plan). I really hope that now he is fully alive, he will do a lot more damage to the Allied Shinobi Force, maybe kill a kage or two :D. I still wonder why did Madara keep Hashirama occupied? Was it just for the fun of it or was it part of some plan??

This week’s chapter of Naruto is just too epic! Ended really well!! Go Uchiha Madara!! 😀 😀 😀

The moment you see Madara with that epic grin on his face, you know he is going to f***  up the situation!!
The moment you see Madara with that epic grin on his face, you know he’s gonna do some damage control!!