I was originally going to post this as “My list of First World Problems”, but I saw it would be better to call it Shit that annoys me. Yeah, that sounds a lot better, and I am sure you will agree after reading this post.  I remember I was talking to my mother the previous night about how I find Facebook to be rather annoying at times, and that sparked the idea of me writing a list of shit that annoys me. This may not be the most innovative idea (sorry, my creative juices are not in the house yet), but it is worth posting here.


No Wi-Fi connection....my life was just placed on hold
No Wi-Fi connection….my life was just placed on hold

This has got to be the most annoying problem I run into, almost all the time!! There is nothing more annoying that being on the internet, watching a really interesting YouTube video while sipping some coffee and the Wi-Fi all of the sudden goes out. What the hell am I supposed to do without Wi-Fi? At times, the only thing that would restore the Wi-Fi connection is changing my position in my flat, or worse, going outside, in the heat and wind!!


No Internet.....Oh my goodness....someone kill me!
No Internet…..Oh my goodness….someone kill me!

Ever had those days where your Telecom’s Cable network (DSL) went down in your area? Basically, when that happens, I become “internet less”. You could argue that I can use 3G or Wi-Fi hotspots, but I can’t because 3G is so freaking expensive, 1GB of 3G costs so much and I burn through gigs so quickly, and there are no Wi-Fi hotspots in my area. On top of that, ALL mobile networks in my area are really crap; get less than 500kbps on 3G. Basically when the cable is down, I get really pissed….how am I going to check into my forums, how am I going to watch some YouTube, how am I even going to check into my website? The worst downtime I experienced was a whole week of no ADSL. Reason – The cable got damaged.


Transaction Declined…..just look at that cashier can herself!

There is nothing more embarrassing than walking into a store, picking out all the things you require from the shelves, walking to the cashier, upon payment you provide your debit/credit/cheque card and the transaction declines. Reason I hate this so much is now the cashier might be creating idea’s in his/her head that this customer cannot afford what he/she picked out of the shelves. “Oh my word, this guy can’t afford this s***!” Even when paying for something online with your cheque or credit card, in the comfort of your home, around friends, and the transaction declines….that just becomes really embarrassing! NOTE TO SELF: Always check bank balance before purchasing anything!


If you are extremely religious to the point that you start shoving your religious values down other people's throats, please stay away from me. Thank You.
If you are extremely religious to the point that you start shoving your religious values down other people’s throats, please stay away from me. Thank You.

Now, before you all start jumping to conclusions, let me state one thing before I elaborate more on this point: I do not mind being around religious people, but please, not everyone is religious or as religious as you are. People need to keep their religion to themselves.

Okay, now that is out of the way, what really annoys me the most about some religious people is their tendency of shoving their religion down other people’s throats? Do they not understand that not everyone is under the same religion? Reason I say this, is one night, when I was studying at campus, minding my own business, going through my work in preparation for the exams, the church walked in the study venue and started preaching their bible out loud and even went as far asking people if you have been saved. Like……WTF???!!!!


You Ghetto people....stay away from me!
You Ghetto people….stay away from me!

I tend to distance myself from ghetto people – not because I hate them or anything, but because they just annoy me! They do things like eating other people’s food (yes, there was some ghetto girls that just started eating up my food without even asking), being hoe’s, stealing other people’s stuff, directly or indirectly, getting jealous or making other people feel real bad, and talking absolute garbage. Please, all ghetto people, stay far away from me!!


My money is for me only!!
My money is for me only!!

These people are the kind of people that can really kill the mood for me. They typically call me, they do not ask how I am, how I am doing – they get straight down to business – asking me for money! Why the hell do they ask me for money? Am I supposed to look like a freaking bank?! Do they not take into consideration that I am a student – in other words, money is a limited resource for me? Getting phone calls like these make me regret giving such people my contact details



When You got so little space remaining....
When You got so little space remaining….

I hate when my hard drives are full, especially when I have to install a new game or download new anime or movies. I will have to spend as much as 40 minutes just moving files around from hard drive to hard drive, decide on which files to get rid of, and still check that I have made enough space for the new content. I could just use SkyDrive or some online file storage service, but the problem is, the internet is damn slow and expensive where I am from!


A day without my coffee and korean pop is just too dull
A day without my coffee and Korean pop is just too dull

These are two things I cannot start my morning without. If I run out of coffee, I will be bleak, but I will eventually get over myself by listening to Korean Pop (2NE, EPIK HIGH and RANIA do it for me). If for some reason I have no coffee and have not heard a second of Korean pop, my day is ruined….And I know, this is quite a weird way to start a day, hey?



One thing that puts me off Facebook
One thing that puts me off Facebook

This is probably why I am always never on Facebook now days, because people just post these “rich” Facebook statuses that I have seen a million times on various places on the internet, put up their BBM pins, WhatsApp numbers. Some go as far as uploading really stupid meme’s and posts from 9gag and some send me annoying requests to like their crap or do them a favor.

This is why I use forums and Twitter and put Facebook aside.


Why do I even waste bandwidth getting filler episodes?
Why do I even waste bandwidth getting filler episodes?

Naruto, I am looking at you!! There is nothing more annoying than the story line moving so well, and some serious shit is about to go down and all of a sudden, fillers are put in place! I wouldn’t mind if the filler was extremely interesting, but most of the time, these fillers really bore me. I kind just tell myself “it will be over, soon enough”.