Need For Speed: Rivals PC
Need For Speed: Rivals PC

I know many people are going to hate me for posting this, but I feel I need to share this, to prevent people making this mistake next time. Let me just start off by saying that I have been liking all the New Need For Speed Games and the old ones (Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2010, Need For Speed: The Run, Need For Speed: Most Wanted 2012, Need For Speed: Rivals), and I have legal copies of all the games. This year’s Need For Speed: Rivals is no doubt really amazing, the concepts and I can tell the game play is amazing. The only thing that really plagues this game is the performance side of the game.

I had pre-ordered the game for PC, around October this year. When I watched all the game play video’s, which Need For Speed uploads on their YouTube channel, it really blew my mind away, in fact, even watching what they had showcased at E3 2013 convinced me that I will not go wrong pre-ordering this game for PC. I was completely mistaken.

I received this game via the mail on the 22 November 2012, I was so keen on playing it, I even uploaded a picture of it on my Twitter account. After removing the wrapping, I went on to install the game on my laptop. While installing I get a DirectX error. Fine, that didn’t bother me too much as I could simply Google the problem and I find a solution. After that issue was out-of-the-way, everything was installed! Now to play the game….

When I open the game, I watch the little video in the beginning which seemed a bit cheesy but that was fine, as long as I get to play my game. When I finally get into the actual game, I could not believe how horrible it was! The game is locked to 30 frames per second…..this is 2013 and we are still frame locking to 30 frames per second?? Next is the piss poor performance – the game is locked to 30 fps and I am lagging in most parts of the game. I tried reducing my graphic settings in the game to the lowest possible graphics, even went to optimize the game settings in the Nvidia Control Panel, and I even overclocked my graphics card and performance did not change one bit!! I could not play this game longer than 30 minutes, it was too painful to play!! The graphics look all grainy like an old film, but I’m guessing that has to do with the frame lock or something.

Here are some links to several threads on EA Answer Community:

I honestly never expected such a BRILLIANT Need For Speed Game to turn out to be some half-done crap!! It’s hard to believe this is an AAA game because it’s so poorly done for PC as far as I know. If Ghost Games and Criterion were not going to finish wrapping up this game, surely they could have delayed the game?? If I heard NFSR was delayed, I wouldn’t be annoyed, because it is better to get a game that is all wrapped up later than to get a half done game now.

What makes me worry so much is that there isn’t an official statement of some kind where the game developers themselves acknowledge all the issues ruining the game and that they are working on a patch of some kind. On the EA Answers community, people have reported the developers are working on a patch, but they only found out from chatting to a Game Advisor. What worries me even more is that EA left Need For Speed: Most Wanted 2012 still buggy, not fixing some of its outstanding issues, even till today – will EA do the same for Need For Speed Rivals? Just issue a few patches, make a couple of DLC’s and abandon support for the game??

One thing is certain with me from now on – Need For Speed: Rivals is the last Need For Speed Game I will pre-order. I paid a lot of money to get this game and it is in a mess!!

So my advice to anyone who wants this game……steer clear from this game until a major fix for the game is released. It is a really good game, but it is full of bugs!!!


There is currently a petition going on, to get the developers (Ghost Games) to unlock the game to 60FPS (Frames Per Second).

Here is a link to the Petition: