I started University this year – and I can say it has not been one smooth ride, although it could have been a lot more smoother had I not procrastinated so much on Forums, Twitter, YouTube and WordPress Blogs. One of my modules in my qualification for first year was System Software 1: Networks. At first, this module was fairly simple – I understood all of my work, passed the semester tests and all, then I got to meet Network Addressing, Subnetting and learning about how Ethernet LAN’s and WAN’s work……all I can say is…..HOLY CRAP!!

If it wasn’t for the Technology related Forum that I am active on, together with YouTube and other blogs, I would have been screwed, seriously. So I thought I should share all the links to video’s and other stuff that helped me through networking.


This link is probably the most effective and powerful “extra-content” link I used to learn my networking material. Juniper Networks: Networking Fundamentals basically covers most of the content learnt in Networking Fundamentals in over 5 Hours (I clicked on most of the extra links). It also contains small tests to make sure you are learning from the program. The only thing that got to me was the voice….listening to it for a long time made me drowsy…..#FirstWorldProblems. I would like to thank MyBroadband Forumites for sharing this link with me!

Juniper Networks: Networking Fundamentals:https://learningportal.juniper.net/juniper/resources/courses/golden/netfun/netfun_course/course_start.html


Another tool that I used to help me learn the practical bit in my module was YouTube…..What would the world be without YouTube?? Before watching these video’s, I had no cooking clue on what Network Addressing and Subnetting was, I even failed a semester test as a result. After watching these video’s, I got back up on my feet and made a full recovery

Addressing in a Network IPv4 (Nicholas Andre)

Link to YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/mrnickandre

The OSI Model Demystified (ELI The Computer Guy)

Link to YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/elithecomputerguy

We dealt with the OSI Model towards the end of the first term of the first semester. This model, at the time, was really advanced (for me, at least). I had a task where I had to explain what happens at each layer of the model in detail. Before watching this video, I couldn’t do it. After watching this video, it made so much sense and I was able to explain the OSI model fully in my essay.

And then there is f9l1x‘s YouTube channel which contains short summary video’s of each chapter in the coursework. Although I had already made notes for each chapter, I still used these video’s as they helped me refresh my memory.

I am so glad all this content was available online – had I not run into these, Networking Fundamentals would have been a lot more challenging for me – one more reason why I am happy to be an Internet Addict 😀