After getting a new smartphone, I thought now would be a good time to get a new number. I decided I would get a MTN prepaid number, because they have LTE coverage in the cities, and I have a choice of using AfriHost or Axxess for mobile data. Using the phone and network is fine – what is not cool is the amount of spam MTN sends me every day (I just learnt the post-recharge spam is worse).

Mobile operators should not spam customers on their “flashy” products and services – we will get to use them when we need them. The only SMS’s that should be sent by mobile operators are warnings of your data cap reaching its limit, or notifications of services on your account – not silly spam SMS’s. Every morning, I get an SMS from “MTNRewards” about their specials… it is highly annoying.

Just when I thought the daily spam was bad, I got so much spam after recharging my prepaid account… sms’s about bonuses I could get. I guess I will let this one slide – I got 100MB of data, free to use within 7 days 🙂 .

Doing a quick Google search on the matter points me to a thread on MyBroadband, which has the SMS number to stop these SMS’s (30246). You SMS “STOP” to this number, and a few minutes later, a confirmation SMS comes your way. I hope this will be the end of MTN spam SMS’s. I really do not want to spend time calling customer service, to stop these SMS’s… I don’t have time for that.