I thought to compile a list of some funny, interesting or pure ghetto (ratchet) video’s that I have come across on the internet. There is no reason to this, just something for me to do, to derail from the more hectic stuff 🙂

Mutant Giant Spider Dog

I must say, this is the most creative, interesting and funny video I have seen this year. A mutant spider dog prank to scare people!! Kudo’s to the guys who pulled this “project” together, it was brilliantly done, and I must say they have such an adorable dog! I know I would have been real freaked out… toy snakes already freak me out!

The Muffin Macer

The video is titled “Muffin Macer” which was uploaded by YouTube user Sam Rosenwinkel.

One thing you should never, ever do, is to mess with a woman like that, especially if the woman turns out to have ghetto tendencies. The first sign the guy here should have picked up, that this woman is going to mess him up, was the beginning when he decides to interrupt the woman while she decides on what to buy. This gets funnier when this woman decides to buy muffins to stall time as her way of getting on to the guy’s nerves. Hmm…..then things got real the moment the woman dares the guy to say something else….then the mace was brought out!! The funniest part ever!! Her last words were just priceless!! How the cashier in this video kept calm throughout the ordeal really amazes me.

How’s your stupid ass…not tough huh?! Now, didn’t I tell your dumbass?!! Don’t F*** with me!! Now, I didn’t get enough muffins!! Have a good day!

As she leaves the store, she sings:

Sign, sealed, delivered!

You can read about the full story here.

Really Weird Russian Road Rage Video

I couldn’t put up a more fitting title for this video, as the real title for the video is written in Russian (I can only speak, read, and write English). One thing that really keeps me entertained, especially when times are tough, is the Russian road rage video’s, and some video’s of bad driving. This road rage video, however really was different. I watched the video, and after watching it, I was like “What the actual F***??!”…I know I shouldn’t, but I laughed so hard at this video…normally you would expect these buff guys hop out their car and beat the other driver down….clearly that wasn’t the case with this incident!

I did feel that this video was too good to be true – that it may have been staged, but either way, it was hilarious!

More Road Raging

Yes, this is another Russian road rage video. The fighting in this one was so real and it didn’t look like the one above (looking like it was staged). What I found funny here were the other drivers just driving past the centre of action, like nothing is happening at all! I hope I don’t get myself into a road rage incident!

Woman Steals Beer Under Her Skirt

I have seen a few store robbery video’s, but this one just made me laugh so much!! I still do not know how this woman did it, how she was able to shove an entire crate of beer up her skirt, and still walk normally! The beginning of the video really looked like “Oh they just coming to do some ordinary shopping” that is, until the woman in the blue shirt started doing some dodgy things!

Girls Fighting at the Gas Station

This video is more ratchet than funny – I have occasionally run into ratchet video’s like these and each time I watch one like this, I just think “Oh it’s so sad these people go straight and fight like hood rats…”. This video though, I think it’s the biggest gas station fight I have seen ever!! I things this was a “Quad-Threat” match….each woman beating the other woman! I must say I was a little disappointed those security guards were actually having a tough time controlling these woman!!

I can bet you the story behind this fight was probably the woman found out they were played, or their man cheated with the other woman at the fight….something along those lines 🙁

I’ll Show You How to Run Detroit – Woman

This woman is such a legend to me!! I like how she just told it like it is, and she had a clear “plan of action” on running  Detroit. She mentions that the people running Detroit just sit and collect the money, and that they have allowed Detroit to deteriorate. She even goes on and says anyone can run Detroit (…”Put my ass in officer, I will show you how to run the city of Detroit and I don’t know nothing about it).

The way she ends that interview is truly priceless!! Even the reporter was canning herself (if not outside, then inside). Bottom line is, this woman is so cool!!

 Ratchet Video Weekly Episode 19

I still think this is the best episode of Ratchet Video Weekly…episode 19 was the most “ratchet” episode I have watched – first was the little hood fight in New Orleans…then it was the grandma who was really upset over a phone call she got from the one woman in her neighborhood…I really loved this grandma, so badass, clearly someone not to be messed around with!

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Fail – Weave Gone!

One thing that really makes me laugh my lungs out is when weaves are involved in some incident – these incidents being weaves flying around the show from some huge fight (refer to The Jerry Springer Show and The Maury Show)…this one got me laughing so hard!

Over the last few weeks, various people and celebrities have taken part in the Ice Bucket Challenge, to raise awareness about the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis disease. Many of the Ice Bucket Challenge video’s were brilliantly done, and there were the select few that flopped – this one is an example of those few that flopped.

This woman was about to take the challenge, the bucket got splashed on her, and her weave got blown away, with the water… But big ups to her for taking the challenge, nevertheless.