The internet is generally a free and open cyber environment where users can find information, post information and a lot more. My favorite places on the internet is MyBroadband and the MyBroadband Forums, Reddit, YouTube and let’s not forget the social networks, where things normally get distributed. It is because of this freedom that creates annoying moments on the internet. The ones I list below are the ones that that seriously piss me off, especially when time is not on my side.

Access Denied – Web Filtering

Web Page Blocked...this one takes the cake as most annoying
Web Page Blocked…this one takes the cake as most annoying

Although this one may be a little irrelevant to the main topic, I thought it was worth mentioning because this one really annoys me. Don’t get me wrong, I entirely understand where your work organizations are coming from – they want their resources to be made use of for the purposes of work related tasks, and that there isn’t enough bandwidth to handle every single person downloading a file or doing other non-work related issues.

In this case it makes sense for them to block a file sharing site, I was about to download a video file, which has nothing to do with academics. This one pisses me off the most, especially when my 3G data runs dry (I get a mere 20GB each month).

URL Shorteners…Ridden with Advertisements

URL Shortners, that play stupid adverts...there goes 30 seconds wasted
URL Shorteners, that play stupid adverts…there goes 30 seconds wasted

This one also, really gets on my nerves. Okay, I understand a website may need to generate some revenue to cover the costs of hosting their website on some web server, or pay staff, or whatever the reason may be. But please, put on some adverts on your own website if you need extra money, not this URL shortener that will display annoying, adverts for some specified time frame, then it will direct you to your download.

What even pisses me off about this is when you wait for the specified time frame, you will click the “Skip Ad” button and the following happens:

  • File is not found on the server – that is, to the site you want to download from
  • You click the button and some random pop up advertisement appears, and it starts playing some shady music or video
  • (This has happened to me a few times), I click the button, and it does not show me what I initially wanted 🙁

This is a violation of an awesome feature – shortening URL’s so they are easier to share. Sad thing about this is, I cannot avoid these horrid URL Shorteners; the best I can do is to have AdBlock Plus up and running 🙁

Spammy E-Mails Blowing Up My Inbox

Spam E-Mails, if you going to send these, at least make the story funny, worthwhile reading
Spam E-Mails, if you going to send these, at least make the story funny, worthwhile reading

This should not annoy me as it has made the rounds for a while now, but it does, especially when I am trying to siff through my inbox to find that one important E-Mail (and no, it is not a hookup E-Mail). If you are going to be making spammy E-Mails, at least make the story line funny, so I can laugh a little, and I wont feel as bad, wasting my time reading a stupid E-Mail.

YouTube Comments

One of the few reasons I just watch a YouTube video and do not scroll down to the comments
One of the few reasons I just watch a YouTube video and do not scroll down to the comments

Don’t get me wrong with this section – I do think it is wonderful that people are allowed to express their views on the video playing on their screen. What really annoys about YouTube comments is that you will get the few that are just plain retarded, like the first comment in the picture above. To keep a long story short, CL of 2NE1 performed her song MTBD…people are upset because the song apparently makes use of the Quaran…and many other people have proven otherwise. What I find shocking is the number of likes a silly comment will rack up.

If you do not like what you are watching, then do not watch it…it is as simple as that. Don’t write-up horrid comments, throw death threats on the internet or fill YouTube comment sections with junk. Come on now, lets keep it clean 🙂

Trolls on The Forums

If You are a Forum user, you will know of that one forumite who is just good at talking crap!
If You are a Forum user, you will know of that one forumite who is just good at talking crap!

Okay, as a regular forum user, this one really annoys me, I think each time I run into a forum troll and read the crap they have to say, I lose 10 brain cells from this. I do not get why someone would be a forum troll – I mean, there will be a really nice, or really serious discussion going on, and then they decided to crash the party…like WTF??

Sometimes, the logic behind the troll’s post is so ridiculous, it really isn’t worth the time trying to prove the troll stupid (I would use “prove the troll wrong”, but they already wrong, it’s just matter of proving them stupid). Forum trolls need to get laid, and fast 😀

Fake and Junk Downloads

I hate pop-up's like these...that try trick you into downloading a fake
I hate pop-up’s like these…that try trick you into downloading a fake

These ones really annoy the living lights out of me…I will be looking around the internet for that one hard to find software or driver (for some old laptop). The site I visit will say they got it, or something that can get it, when you download their .exe file, you will see that it will downloading anything else but the file you have requested. I hate running into things like that…but I am happy, my antivirus deletes most of these the moment they finish downloading 🙂

Another thing which is annoying is your download is bundled with other useless toolbars or other junk software – I do not fall for these because I make sure I read every step during the installation process. People who do not read through this, and just click next till they reach the end of the installation suffer from this – their browsers blown up with millions of toolbars, extra annoying pop ups, and forced advertisements.


Couldn't have said it better...
Couldn’t have said it better…

This is one thing that should have not come into existence – pornography on the internet. There is just so many things wrong about this; first, the amount of bandwidth wasted streaming such content, the “corruption” it may cause to the viewers, and the heaps of viruses, advertisements and toolbars one’s PC may pick up from visiting a couple of porn websites. On the other hand, I guess it is funny going through some people’s web history….should the history be completely clear, I think it is safe to assume that the user cleared his porn viewing history 🙂

Slow Internet / Websites…and I am Paying

Slow Internet...Sometimes I wish this really existed
Slow Internet…Sometimes I wish this really existed

This one really gets to me when I really need to get work done, and that time is not on my side. I am not too concerned if the university’s internet is slow, I got my 3G connection as backup….but when my 3G connection is slow, that is when I really get annoyed….the fact that I am paying so much to get 20GB of data.

Another thing that annoys me is when the ISP itself throttles torrents to death – my ADSL ISP started doing this when they upgraded the line speeds for everyone. Torrents were moving at 4kb/s, and that is on a 2Mbps DSL line 🙁

One thing that can be a pain is visiting a slow website…all other sites would load relatively fast except for the one that I need to get vital information from. You would assume there wouldn’t be slow websites in 2014, we got CDN’s, bandwidth costs are coming down, and web servers are getting better and better.

That One Download Stuck on 99.9%…Then it Fails

That moment when your download fails...yeah it gives you that feeling alright...
That moment when your download fails…yeah it gives you that feeling alright…

This annoys me so much it is sad….I will wake up on one beautiful morning, get my anime or series episode downloading…it will download really nicely, then there will be that time when it reaches 99%…that is where I start praying, pray for my download to finish!! I have run into many occasions where my download will be stuck on 99% for a while, then it will fail, and give me the error “file not found”. What makes me sad is the time and bandwidth wasted on this failed download.

And the same can be said about torrents too…you will be downloading with a torrent nicely and everyone else who is downloading the same file will be stuck on 99%…all the time and bandwidth gone to downloading this torrent 🙁

Spelling and Grammar and a Mixture of Upper and Lower Case

Poor Spelling, the most annoying thing to read through!!
Poor Spelling, the most annoying thing to read through!!

If you are going to be on the internet, in specific, taking part in some online forums or something, the very least you can do is to get your spelling and grammar correct! There is a big difference between your instant messaging service (WhatsApp, MXit) and a forum. Another thing that really puts me off what one really wants to say, is when they will mix upper case and lower case letters…I still don’t know if this is some new trend, I would be shocked if it is even a trend. ReAdInG tExT lIkE tHiS iS eXtReMeLy AnNoYiNg!!